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Welcome to Slave of the Muse

Collage of crew members from SotM



Anonymity 5 David Funk with our massive Angler Fish

The fifth Anonymity Ball has come and gone. The night was surreal, sensual, bizarre and a place where you could meet anyone and never know who was behind their mask.

The crew worked for months fashioning ideas, costumes, set plans and larger than human, creatures of oddity. An operatic vignette was created, video, acts and performances of wandering characters to thickly intoxicate our wonderful patrons.Wanna know a bit more about the crew?

We were very please with how many people became a new character and were the characters in the setting we created. Every year is a an amzing journey with you and we are profoundly inspired by what you do to be a part of it!



This was the concept video we released for Anonymity 5 Masquerade Ball. A notion of the tryst between our inner worries and our sensuality that both share the places of twilight in our minds.

We are organizers of events that do not happen every week or every month. We place all of our energy into a few charged events a year. Occasions that are crafted and sculpted to leave you with memories and anticipation for the next encounter with us.


Whether it is an event, crafting, moving images, audio construction, fire or other forms of performance - We fools are held by the notion that we must create. Our artwork is slavery to the landlords of ideals and inspiration. Our muses call on us to impart notions of a life less ordinary in mediums discernable to other human souls.

We call to those other wayward individuals that wish to be surrounded by passion, compulsion and excitment in the ideal that our world can and should be full of creative wonder.

It is our Privilege, our Responsibility and our Burden.


~ We are Slaves of the Muse ~



This is a list of companies that spread the word about Anonymity Ball 4. Be sure to check them out!


Welcome to the Flood

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