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Welcome to Slave of the Muse

Vignettes about what our events are or creative notions surrounding our ideas have been released for about anything we do. It part of the fun to us, creating motion graphics to give an glimpse of the feel we are imparting.

A lot of the below videos are listed in each of thier events. We also have other pieces that were either rarely seen or for other items concerning Slave of the Muse. We hope you enjoy them.



The first video ever created for one of our events. A small format, but it was fun to make and we are still please with the design.


We were lucky enough to have a budding video crew with us for the event. After Anonymity was over we scoured through hours of footage and compiled this:





We seem to have more video for Masque Dei Mortis than anything else. It seems appropriate as it was one of the ones the crew had a special love for and bled over into the Age of Chivalry and Steel Festival. Below is our promotional video:

Before the Event, we took the Procession Dei Morti to First Friday twice and then compiled a video of our exploits.

The 'voice' of Masque Dei Mortis - Alvin Uwaifo was an amazing person to work with. He enjopyed our writings and concept so much he wanted to play a character but could not make the actual event. so we created a video with him speaking about Masque Dei Mortis for YouTube.




With much less information needed to go out. The Clown Brigade Video became a fun project in humor and stress relief for the crew. the idea was more to demonstrate the feeling of the Brigade than to tell people where to go or what to expect.

Below is the Clown General's video breifing on preperation for the clown run.


The next video was our great friend First Sergeant Snoodles doing a humorous improv monologue about why she wants to be part of the Clown Brigade.




This event had the least amount of video. It was the first time we did not have a full promotional video for one of our evening. Not that there was not video during the photoshoots. We just did not have the time with all of the logistical planning. The video we received from a videographer was never put to use either. The Muse build stopped anything creative for quite sometime. We hope to one day release more of that experience.

Below is the logo animation we designed.




Released days before 2010 NYE. This video designed to convey the emotions of potential in a coming year. One of our favorites for events.




Jaxom Phineas Faragon's Mirrored Menagerie's theme was hidden until the night of the event. We decided to translate it in the video.


We hired a fine cameraman by the name of Jeremiah Rounds to video Anonimity 3. Although we have not recieved the footage as of yet, he did a fine edit about the evening.


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