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The Crews of Slave of the Muse

Collage of crew members from SotM

The first event of Slave of the Muse was created solely by the Triad and help from James Bruce. From that event, our production crew began to grow as people were interested to be part of events that had inspired them. It is a phenomenon that continues along with us. The list below are those crew members who have been with us so long they are considered family, no matter how dysfunctional inspired families can be.



The legacy, the Grey Ghosts of the Spiral. Crew members who have not just been inspired for one or two events. They have stayed involved, taken numerous positions, created when there was nothing and brought potence above all others. Some have been with us since Masque Dei Mortis, others newer but no less diligent. They are our alumni. We are honored to say that we will always have a place for them in who and what we are.



Roo-Da-Pus, one of the 4 winds even when there is only three. She won 2nd place in our costume contest as No Face From 'Spirited Away' and we have loved her ever since. We came to find out she is an amazing DJ, designer, character actor and she is very handy with costume creation as well. Don't let her fool you, behind that sweet, loving exterior is a no nonsense creator with a lifetime and a half of experience.

REN FAIRE 2009 - [Mummer] Costume / Fabrication / Setup
MASQUE DEI MORTIS - [Mummer] Fabrication / Staged Combat Choreographer / Setup
CLOWN BRIGADE - [Snoodles the sweet voice of Clown Brigade]
ANONYMITY 2 - [Scarlett Scarburough Air Pirate Queen] Setup / Costume
THE MUSE - DJ Resident Cloister
REN FAIRE 2010 - [Mummer] Setup
SERAPHIM BALL - [Anime Seraph] Head DJ / Song Programming
ANONYMITY 3 - [The Underwater Muse] DJ / Song Programming / Fabrication / Costume/
REN FAIRE 2011 - [Mummer] Mummer coordinator

Merik Badges: Voice of Cloister, Vaginal Rock Salt, Sewing2, Event Stress Control 2, Event Madness 3, Truck Loading Assault, Fabrication, Delirius Fabrication 2, Meticulous Detail 2, First Friday 3, First Friday Assualt, Painful Costume 3, Blind Costume2, PHX Tour of Duty, Junk to Beauty 2, Something Out of Nothing 3, Unbreakable Character 2, Improv 2, Control Room Op 2, Spin Control 3, DJ in Unruly Costume 2, Publicly Groped Tolerance Achievment 2, Song and Flow Programming Specialist 2, Ship's Counselor*, Scud Resistance 2*, Shenanicore of Valor Award*, Mummer Liason Medal of Outstanding Achievment*, The Bell Tolls 3am Award*, Estrogen Operations 2*, Headmistress of Charm School - How to Be Polite and Still Have 3,021 Charms in a Usable Yet Random Order*



The Sewing King of Slave of the Muse. Adam is a machine often taking on the work load equal to three other crew members. A wonderful performer he breathes a strange life into every character that our patrons meet. Adam is also Little Ms. Sunshine - no matter how bad the trenches get he is a sweet heart an a professional. Making everyone elses problems seem easier to handle. Always ontime, always giving, never asking for much in return. There is no other like Poncho!

ANONYMITY 2 - [Captain Grinder (Special Guest)]
ANONYMITY 3 - [The Baroness] Lead Sewing / Wardrobe
REN FAIRE 2011 - [The Baroness] Sewing

Merik Badges: Sewing3, Truck Assualt, Meticulous Detail 3, Unbreakable character 2, Disturbing Character 2, The Belle of the Ball Commendation*, Felix's Magic Bag 1, Something out of Nothing (Hoop Skirt Edition)


Part Fire Performer, Ninja, Chef, Actor, Combatist and all Shrew. He is the quiet one you don't see coming until he lights something on fire and starts swinging or when there is something to be done. There are few people that have as much fury as he does. Talented in any skill he decides to pick up within a few weeks, he continues to be a great person to inspire others with.

REN FAIRE 2010 - [Balance 2 / Fire Performer] Setup / Security / Costume
SERAPHIM BALL - [6 Winged Seraph] Fabrication / Costume / Setup
ANONYMITY 3 - [White Ninja] Fabrication / Costume / Setup
REN FAIRE 2011 - [Fire Performer / Mad Shrew] Fire Coordination / Combat Coreography Asst./ Fabrication / Setup

Merik Badges: Voice of Cloister, Vaginal Rock Salt 3, Feather Madness 2, Sewing 2, Felix's Magic Bag 2, Event Stress Control 2, Event Madness 2, Fabrication, Delirius Fabrication Cook 2, Painful Costume 2, Unbreakable Character, Fire Performer 2, Fire Safety 2, Fire Performance Injury, Fire Coordination, Combatist 3, Something out of Nothing, Muse Super Patron, Blind Costume, Truck Loading Assault 2, Working Tomorrow Burn Today Award, The Buck Stops with ME Merit, Security 1, Overnight Security, Treetop Lookout, Event Split Decision Achievment, Volunteer Award*, I Know This Guy's Language So I Am Going to Step In and Tell Him To Go Away 2*, Delirious Inspiration After Drinking a Muse Award


A firm hand grabs your shoulder as this solid man stares you directly in the eye and says "I want in, I want to play a real character. I know I have it in me." As security first, then crew - Jeff found himself in a spiral of inspiration and wanting to inspire others. There is little he would not do to that end. His love of the crew and what our events have made the patrons feel is uncommon in most people you would ever meet.

REN FAIRE 2010 - Head of Security / Crew
SERAPHIM BALL - Head of Security / Fabrication / Setup
ANONYMITY 3 - [Shaman] Head of Security / Fabrication Host/ Fabrication / Setup
REN FAIRE 2011 - [Lord of Purgatory] Fabrication / Security / Setup

Merik Badges: SPIRAL BRANDED, Voice of Cloister, Same Job after 3 Events, Vaginal Rock Salt, Ladder Wrangling, Muse Super Patron, Event Madness, Fabrication, Delirius Fabrication 2, Power Tools 2, Truck Loading Assault 2, First Friday, PHX Tour of Duty 2, Unbreakable Character 2, Improv, Masochist Wrangling Specialist, Fire Performance, Unplanned Solo Flight, Blind Costume, Combatant 2, Injury in Combat, Improv Under Great Duress Achievment, I Got This - I Want This Merit*


Wind him up and watch him go. The amount of energy he brings to anything he does is unparalled. He smiles and jokes often, is never pretensious or dramatic and a fireball of inspiration. From his first major character with us to staged combat, through giving a fish head life, once he gets started he does not stop.

ANONYMITY 3 - [Insane Jack-In-The-Box] Fabrication / Setup
REN FAIRE 2011 - [PINNACLE CHARACTER - Insane Jack-In-The-Box] Setup

Merik Badges: Murderous Costume 3, Painful Character, Energizer Bunny Award, Stilts 2, Injury in Stilts, Something out of Nothing 2, Unbreakable Character, Blind Character 3, Combat, Dei Mortis Major Achievment Ward**

Her waking mind never stops dreaming... and her dreaming mind never stops seeing. Everything she does is riddled with sweetness and jagged edges. Barb has been with us since Masque Dei Mortis and we don't think we could shake her loose if we wanted. Her skill with the oddest of mediums, diligence in characterization and genuine thoughts that she expresses freely are what makes her so strong to us.

REN FAIRE 2009 - [Skelly] Setup
MASQUE DEI MORTIS - [Skelly] Fabrication / Setup
CLOWN BRIGADE - [Toxic Candy]
ANONYMITY 2 - [Maizoon]Combat / Fabrication / Setup


REN FAIRE 2010 - [Skelly] Fabrication / Setup
ANONYMITY 3 - [Royal Dalmation] Fabrication / Setup
REN FAIRE 2011 - [Skelly] Setup

Merik Badges: THE MUSE, SPIRAL BRANDED, Voice of Cloister, MUSE FRP, Muse Grease Control 1, Sewing, Event Madness 2, Fabrication 3, Delirius Fabrication, Cafe Boredom, Cafe Psychiatrist, Siberia, Patron Shenanigans, Spiral Recruiter 2, First Friday 3, First Friday Assualt, Painful Costume, Blind Costume, Bendy Character, PHX Tour of Duty 2, Meticulous Detail, Junk to Beauty 3, Something Out of Nothing 2, Unbreakable Character, Improv, Hoop in Crowd, Cardboard Command Center Op*, Wenis Minesweeper Specialist*, Official Siamese Stepsister Award*

A wonderfully inspired woman with flowing, emotional ideals. And if you cross her she may walk right up and shiv you prison style. A hardline logistic shell around an imaginative soul. She brings all aspects of what makes Slave of the Muse's core in one package. Whether it is sewing, backstage planning, playing a character, or hosting fabrication at her home, she does it with courage and heart.

REN FAIRE 2010 - [Red Face] Wardrobe Manager / March Coordinator
SERAPHIM BALL - [The Oracle] Head of Costume / Fabrication / Sewing / Setup
ANONYMITY 3 - [Syrene] Head of Costume / Wardrobe Manager / Sewing / Fabrication
REN FAIRE 2011 - [Oracle / Fire Performer] Wardrobe Manager / Sewing

Merik Badges: SPIRAL BRANDED, Voice of Cloister, Same Job after 3 Events, Vaginal Rock Salt, Feather Wrangling 3, Sewing Specialist, Sperm Call Commander, Event Madness Specialist, Fabrication, Delirius Sewing 3, First Friday, PHX Tour of Duty 2, Unbreakable Character 2, Improv 2, Something Out of Nothing 2, Masochist Specialist, Muse Super Patron, Fire Performance, Blind Costume, Wardrobe Specialist, Ship's Counselor*, Improv Under Great Duress Achievement*, Destroying an Enemy Chair While Looking Like a Muppet Meritoriuos Award*

You can call him what ever you want, but he will always be 'Gloomy' to us. Jim was the first person we ever approached with our ideas. He was perplexed, a little taken a back and very curious. From him, we were given the knowledge to get our first venue and asked him to join us. Almost every single event we held, he was our Head DJ for until he moved from Vegas to pursue better living. He is our first, and we shall never forget him. click below to see his accomplishments.

ANONYMITY 1 - Head DJ / Assistant Promoter
REN FAIRE 2009 - [Red Face] March Coordinator/ Fabrication
MASQUE DEI MORTIS - Head DJ / March Coordinator/ Fabrication
CLOWN BRIGADE - [Gloomy the Clown]
ANONYMITY 2 - [Doc - The Meat Mechanic] Head DJ / Fabrication
REN FAIRE 2009 - Lead Audio>
ANONYMITY 3 - Head DJ / Lead Audio Technician

Merik Badges: THE MUSE, First Event Alumni, Voice of Cloister, MUSE grease control specialists 2, Event Stress Control 2, Truck Loading Assault, Event Stress Madness, Delirius Fabrication, Control Room Op 3, Spin Control 3, Song and Flow Programming Specialist, Meritorious Badge of 1st to Fall Into the Spiral*, Kermit Song (specialist)*, Scud Resitance 2*, Commander of the Dance Floor 3


Like having another leg that pushes you forward. Sure you can run a marathon without it, but you do not want to. She is working towards the greater whole while remembering what everyone else's job is and where you put your cell phone. Amanda is one of the few crew members we can say has functioned in nearly every capacity one can. At the same time, she has always brought a hardline eye coupled with a warm smile. Everything she does is done with all of her back, heart and soul put in to it.

REN FAIRE 2009 - [Red face / Mummer] Setup
MASQUE DEI MORTIS - [Mummer] Fabrication Setup
CLOWN BRIGADE - [Skutch - Special Ops]
ANONYMITY 2 - [Sin - Manticore 1st Officer] Setup
THE MUSE - LEAD BARTENDER / Cloister DJ / Co-promoter 'Factory'
REN FAIRE 2010 - [Mummer] Setup / Bartender
SERAPHIM BALL - [Red Wing Seraph] Fabrication / Costume / Setup
ANONYMITY 3 - [White Queen] DJ / Fabrication / Setup
REN FAIRE 2011 - [Mummer] Backstage / Bartender

Merik Badges: THE MUSE, Voice of Cloister 2, MUSE FRP, Muse Grease Control 2, Truck Loading Assault 1, Vaginal Rock Salt, Feather Madness, Sewing, Sperm Call, Event Stress Control 2, Event Madness 2, Fabrication, Delirius Fabrication, Dick Jungle, Siberia, Black Tar Op, Narnia Renovation 2, Spirit Acquisition Secialist, Sperm Calling, Sentry 1, Patron Shenanigans 2, First Friday 3, First Friday Assualt, Unbreakable Character, Painful Costume 2, Blind Costume 2, PHX Tour of Duty 2, Power Tools 1, Control Room Op, Spin Control 2, Club Song Post Mortum Recognition Award, Shenanicore 2, Achievment Award for Rick Roll Marksmanship*, Katie Kaboom*, Scud Resistance Specialist*, Bartender Supreme*, Blue & Yellow Stripes, Left Leg Award*, Creation of the Secret Recipe of The Muse - Blue Heart Award*


Like a calculating badger with an honor streak that will not quit. Scud is the Great Commander, the grisled curmudgeon, and the man that gave Slave of the Muse the first helpful words before Anonymity 1 left the ground. He has the blessing and the curse of his duty beyond all else, and for it has been one of the most tenacious of inspired ticks Slave has known thus far. He has to date been the recipient of the most responses of a loving "I hate you" from us, because of his terrible yet hilarious dark sense of humor, and he always amazes us with his incredible karaoke skills.

AREN FAIRE 2009 - [The Warrior Herold of Death] Setup / March Coordinator
MASQUE DEI MORTIS - [The Warrior Herold of Death] Fabrication / Staged Combat Choreographer / Setup
CLOWN BRIGADE - [Clown Commander Scuddles]
ANONYMITY 2 - [Dr. Scud - TGS] Setup
THE MUSE - LEAD HOST (Cloister-Siren Song) / Promoter 'Factory'
REN FAIRE 2010 - [The Warrior Herold of Death] March Coordinator / Setup
SERAPHIM BALL - [The Seraphim Herold of Death] Fabrication / Lighting / Setup / Co-promoter
ANONYMITY 3 - [The Baron] Asst. Director / Setup
REN FAIRE 2011 - [The Warrior Herold of Death] Purgatory Fight Coordinator / Combat Trainer / March Coordinator

Merik Badges: THE MUSE, Voice of Cloister, MUSE FRP 2, Sweeping the Unsweepable floor 3, Truck Loading Assault 2, Headset Madness 3, Perseverence of Others Ear Gunk award 2, Event Stress Control 1, Event Madness, Fabrication, Delirius Fabrication, Fabrication Concussion*, Dick Jungle, Black Tar Op, Sentry 3, Patron Shenanigans 3, First Friday 3, First Friday Assualt, Painful Costume 3, Combat Specialist, PHX Tour of Duty, Power Tools 2, Power Tools W/ Sake 2, AH-HA I get it, Black Light Blindness 2, Club Song Post Mortum Recognition Award, The Longest Moment Without your Sheild in Performance Gold Award*, Wet Room Dry Mouth*, Sleeping in Armor*, DOCS Command*, Hot Coffee to the Ear Recognition, Hardcore Enough to Sleep in My Armor Award

The only other DJ who worked with us from the Anonymity 1. Keith brought an amazing ear for songs that met the arduous criterium of Slave of the Muse and still kept them crowd pleasers or sounds so new that the audience would be spell bound. His last contribution to Slave of the Muse was music for the elegant Anonymity 3, though he had to leave before he could DJ the event. We look forward to working with Keith again in the future. DJ Disdain Facebook Page

ANONYMITY 1 - DJ / Song Programmer
MASQUE DEI MORTIS - DJ / Song Programmer
ANONYMITY 2 - DJ / Song Programmer
THE MUSE - Cloister Resident
ANONYMITY 3 - Song Programmer

Merik Badges:First Event Alumni, MUSE grease control specialists 1, Control Room Op 2, Spin Control 2, Song and Flow Programming Specialist 2, Gloomy Sound Field Surgeon*, First Song of the Muse Award*


To see some of our more constant crew members - click here



Some have been with us from the beginning, others are fairly new - and the Muse crew is that of legacy.
We are proud to bring you the Spiral Core

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Each crew spends months creating experiences for our patrons.
Visit our EVENTS PAGE to peer a little deeper.

Events of SotM




Slave of the Muse is planning our new events. And are looking for individuals who are interested in participating. DJ's, stage talent, characters and back stage!
For more information visit our contact page or find us on Facebook.

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