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Welcome to Slave of the Muse

Men and women, hidden behind masks, anticipated breath on who they might meet and who they, themselves could become was the inspired essence of our first event, the Anonymity Ball. From that evening spawned an ideal that has spread into numerous events. Below are the quantifications of what our little universes have held. Upon entering each page you will see the thematics, crew and slivers of what the experience is like.



Anonymity Masquerade Ball link
Our flagship promotion, we have produced 3 yearly Sensual Masquerade Balls, each with a different theme. Always changing themes, yet continually sensual and engaging for those who wish to become someone new for a night and remember possibility again.


Masque Dei Mortis and Ren-Faire
A Masque to inspire people to experience life, while in remembrance of the dead. Our most extravagant event to date, with amazing spectral characters and public promotions of dark notions. It became a yearly date for the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival as an after hours party for three years running.


Voltaire at the Muse
The opening night for the club we facilitated The Muse. We were happy to have Voltaire be the first to ever perform on our stage.


2010 New Years Eve Seraphim Ball
New Years of 2010/2011. Co-promoted by DJ Bear (Siren Song) and Scud (Factory). Based on the mythos of Masque Dei Mortis, and an inverted message that time is passing and what potential we will have for the coming year.


Some of our crew members have thier own creative and promotional projects. Sometimes they are spinoffs from what we have done, others are just the inspired works of those we admire. Either way, you will often find a lot of the same people in thier crews.





She Had a Home

For a year the main crew of SotM had the chance to facilitate and promote in a small nightclub we called The Muse. An amazing place that was unlike anything we have seen in Las Vegas. For more info CLICK HERE

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Contacting SotM

Want to know more about the spiral? Intrested in being part of our events? Do you have inspired notions or insight?

visit our contact page or find us on Facebook.

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The Art of the Spiral

Not just dance nights. Characters, designs, art and video are created. You can see more of that HERE

Slave Crew Image


Meet the Crew

Some have been with us from the beginning, others are fairly new - and the Muse crew is that of legacy.
We are proud to bring you the Tome of the Spiral.


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Welcome to the Flood

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