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From April 15th 2010 to June 11th 2010, on any given weekday from 6pm to 2am and on the weekends almost around the clock - people were renovating a sports bar into what they hoped would be a new type of nightlife space for people in Las Vegas. After loading in the equipment for DaVinci's pasta to the front room, the next two weeks were spent with a crew of 4 to 12 at any given time, stripping and degreasing a hawaiian bistro kitchen.

It was the dirtiest kitchen any of us had ever seen, and we went through 20 gallons of commercial grade degreaser. Any of the equipment left in the area had a quarter inch of solidified grease on it resembling more of a 'fruit roll up' consistancy after it was scraped off of the stainless steel.

That was the beginning...

Weekend helpers were in a mass reaching 20 on occassion, not for money but because they had a vested interested in what we were creating, or they were friends and family that believed we could do it.

We tore down fake brick walls to find holes behind them. We refinished walls, gutted the ceiling of hundreds of pounds of unused cables, replaced 30% of the tile in the venue (most of it being FRP), sanded anything wood in the area, created new walls and doors and rewired electrical systems. The bar was riddled with square holes where slot machines used to be and we had to create kick plates before putting a new top on it. The massive church doors took five people, three hours of holding, wiring, and bracing to mount. Then two days of tweaking to get massive doors to hang right.

Every other night we filled the back industrial dumpster (or two) to the brim with wood fragmants and renovation trash. We lived on cheap tacos and chipped in for soda because most all of the money we had went directly into a new bit of material we did not realise we needed until the problem presented itself to us.

A DJ booth was created, as well as a stage, cage and a counter for the lounge. Ron Keopke helped with the mass of painting walls over the course of two weekends. Without his help we would have never opened in time. and the final step was laying black epoxy on the entire floor (which had to be swept four times that evening and mopped three times before we could lay the first coat).



During the weekdays, it was usually a crew of five people. The backbone of the buildout crew - Anthony Jones, Aaron Bataluer, Amanda Lane, Sarah Ross and Scud. In some ways we grew tired of those walls before we ever opened. It was only our goal that kept us moving through the mass of workload and chaos.

This is where Merik Badges come from, little statuses Anthony Jones would dole out to himself and a few others as we overcame each obstacle or learned a new skill. It was our way of laughing through it, and giving us achievments in small ways.

It was also a very inspired time. As money ran out, building materials found their way to us. As we only had enough money for building materials, a crate of gatorade, water and energy drinks fell right near our door. It felt as though we were supposed to finish, that it was all going to be ok - and it was.

It was an amazing time for many of us and not soon forgotten. It was the hard beginnings to a very special place. As in the words of Ron - It was an honor and a privilege. Thank you to everyone who ever shared a great moment with us in that place, supplied art for the walls, who met someone new or just enjoyed the ambience from a distance.


It was a hell of a ride.


The Muse - Photo Derek Marsh


Other notable helpers in the Muse's creation: Craig Titus, Tonya Ross, Sol McRann, Ed McRann, John Paul Dostal Sr, JP Dostal Jr,James Bruce, April McNulty, Barb Smith, Matt Zophiel, Maggie Reese, Heather Chandler... and if we missed you, let us know. We want to make sure you are on the list.


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Slave of the Muse is planning our spring events. And are looking for individuals who are interested in participating. DJ's, stage talent, characters and back stage.
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Some have been with us from the beginning, others are fairly new - and the Muse crew is that of legacy.
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